DPC Damp Proof Course

100mmx30m Polythene DPC Damp Proof Course to BS6515 (9 rolls per Outer)

  • Cost effective damp proof course for domestic construction
  • Suitable for wet bedded horizontal and vertical applications in low rise (two storey) domestic developments. Polyethylene DPC is not suitable for downwards water movement e.g. Cavity Tray applications. Please use Visqueen Zedex CPT DPC or Visqueen High Bond DPC for this application
  • Manufactured from the highest quality reprocessed materials this Polythene DPC is both safe and clean to handle
  • Polyethylene DPC is designed to prevent the passage of moisture in brick and block work from external sources
  • Polyethylene DPC is manufactured from high quality reprocessed materials to provide a cost effective and durable domestic grade DPC
  • For more information view data sheet here

  • Hyload DPC - High Performance Damp Proof Course

    100mmx20m Zedex Hyload CPT High Performance Damp Proof Course DPC to BBA 94/3059 (Radon & CO2 Tested)

  • Fully recyclable
  • Strong and flexible
  • Excellent workability in winter conditions
  • Robust and puncture resistant
  • High tear strength
  • Excellent performance under high compressive loads
  • Contains no hazardous pitch or PVC plasticizers making it safe and clean to handle
  • System components for all applications including standard and bespoke Preformed cavity tray (cloak) units
  • Low permeability to Radon and Carbon Dioxide gas
  • Compatible with all other Visqueen damp proofing, gas proofing and tanking protection systems
  • Application Visqueen Zedex CPT DPC is suitable for use as a DPC in all types of building construction and can be used in vertical, horizontal, stepped and cavity tray applications
  • For more information view data sheet here