Rize Cable Lock

KL50 Rize Cable Lock (1.0mm Wire) SWL10kg

Our Zipclip Rizelock cable suspension system is designed as a fast and reliable method of suspending all static loads within the mechanical, electrical and HVAC industries. Significant time savings can be made on building services projects when these products are used over against more traditional suspension methods.

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Key Benefits:

  • Cable locks and wire are available separately. No pre-site visits to calculate drop length. (Wire is in 100m reels and then can be cut to desired length.)
  • Time and cost savings compared to traditional installation methods.
  • Allows the installer to position the hangers vertically or at an angle to suspended object.
  • Where drop lengths can be pre-determined pre-cut assembles can further reduce installation times

The Rizelock locking units are central to the Rizelock range. They are simple and quick to use and give infinite adjustment to any wire suspension. The unique locking mechanism does not require any tools ensuring a faster and trouble-free installation process.

Rize Wire Suspension Systems

1.0mmx200m 7x7 Rize Galvanised Wire Rope

Our Rizelock Zipclip wire rope gives optimum strength on all suspensions and comes in various lengths to enable you to cut to length on site and minimise wastage. Together with the Rizelock it is a must for any site team's van stock.
Ensure you only use this Rizelock wire with the Rizelock clips as this way the integrity and warrantees of the system are maintained.

Rize Wire Cutters

R30340 Heavy Duty Wire Cutters (up to 4.0mm)

These heavy duty wire cutters are designed to give you quick, safe and clean cuts when using the Rize Ziplock wire suspension system.

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Code Description Stock Status Box Quantity
S602-900 R30340 Heavy Duty Wire Cutters (up to 4.0mm) 1 Login Add to Quote Request