Plastic Plugs

5mm Yellow Plastic Plugs

Superb quality and our best selling plastic fixing plug suitable for a wide variety of building materials.
Plugs are packed in boxes of 1000 with inners of 100.

Thorsman Plastic Plugs

5.5mm Red (TP2) Thorsman Plastic Plugs

The ‘Original’ Thorsman wall plug.
Since Oswald Thorsman first invented the colour–coded plastic wallplug in 1964 these have been an excellent dual expansion plug giving high load values.
Supplied in a sprue of 10 and boxed in 100's.

These plastic plugs are arguably still the best plastic plugs on the market!

Plastic UNO Universal Plug

5mm Yellow Plastic Uno Universal Plug

  • A truly universal plug which fixes into any wall, ceiling or floor
  • Features a unique design which expands at the top giving instant grip
  • Anti rotation features prevent spinning in the hole
  • Suitable for use in concrete, brick, block, plasterboard etc.
  • Stocked in plastic & nylon versions