Dektite Fixing Kits

FX901 Dektite Fixing Kits

These Dektite fixing kits are for use with the Dektite flashing. They include all the consumables you require to fix a flashing.

Standard Dektites require 1x FX901 kit for Sizes 1-7 and 2x for 8 and above.

For Soaker Flashings your require 1x FX903 for DF602/702 & DF603/703, 2xFX903 for DF605/705 and 3x FX903 for DF606.

Code Description Stock Status Box Quantity Unit Price Price per Box Quantity Required Add To
R701-901 FX901 Dektite Fixing Kits 1 £12.4475 £12.45