Armour Rings

M6 ARM6 BZP Armour Rings

  • Simple Conical Collar to hammer on to standard hex bolt heads or nuts to make them secure
  • Not subject to torque ratings
  • Will fit any British Standard or DIN standard hex bolts and nuts
  • International Pat. No. 9111119559.4

Code Description Stock Status Box Quantity Unit Price Price per Box Quantity Required Add To
D753-300 M6 ARM6 BZP Armour Rings 100 £0.8116 £81.16
D753-400 M8 ARM8 BZP Armour Rings 100 £0.9281 £92.81
D753-500 M10 ARM10 BZP Armour Rings 100 £1.3301 £133.01
D753-600 M12 ARM12 BZP Armour Rings(P) 100 £2.6853 £268.53
D753-700 M16 ARM16 BZP Armour Rings 100 £4.4213 £442.13