2mm Wire 1M Long CADDY® SPEED LINK SLS with Hook

Product Code: S592-5261

The CADDY® SPEED LINK SLS system provides a versatile overhead support solution that is easy to adjust and installs quickly to almost any structure.
The system supports a wide range of applications, including ductwork, pipe and tube, cable tray, lighting, conduit, strut profiles and signage from overhead structural building members.
It is available with a variety of specialty end fittings for the most common building structure types, a range of wire rope diameters and lengths, and includes a unique keyless locking device.
Features Include:
• Complete system includes wire, locking device and pre–assembled hook end fitting
• Ideal for attaching to concrete, steel and wood surfaces
• Simple alternative to jack chain and additional hardware
• Complete system includes wire, locking device and pre-assembled hook end fitting
• Hooks to a wide range of CADDY fasteners
• Easy to adjust / balance after the system has been fixed
• Fastens to the building structure or hanging services by looping around and hooking to wire rope
• Easy to remove for applications requiring maintenance
• Spring latch helps provide secure connection
• Insert cable through hole and use bottom side of hook as an end stop