Temperatures expected as low as -11C

Keep your Building Site Safe this Winter

Throughout the year, the safety of construction workers on site is always the top consideration for main contractors and sub-contractors alike. However, with the winter weather upon us, site staff and management need to be even more cautious about safety issues on site, as the freezing temperatures are set to cause extra hidden challenges.

Ice can cause both visible and non-visible slip hazards, increasing the risk of mishap and injury if the right amount of care and attention is not given. There is also the problem of fewer ‘’working hours’’ in the day through the lack of daylight, which greatly reduces visibility. Even more alarming, is the fact that some of the plant and machinery won't even work properly. 

All these factors contribute to increased pressure on projects being completed on time and on budget. In order to prepare you for these conditions, FixFirm have put together the following range of products that help you prepare for what is ahead for the coming winter months:

With our range of portable heaters, you can help eliminate the cold in and around your building site. Click Here for examples of our heaters.

Using salt/grit that is conveniently stored in bins around your site will vastly reduce, if not eliminate the amount of ice around the building site. Covering areas the night before will decrease the amount of ice that forms overnight. Click Here for examples of our salt-based products.

Increasing or maximising the number of lights around the site can reduce the risk of slipping and increase the visibility of all the workers, which will give a better working environment altogether. Click Here for examples of our lighting.

Upgrading your worker's gloves for the winter is advised especially for those who are working in exposed sites or buildings that are not yet weather-tight. It will be beneficial for your staff to have warm hands that are protected from the weather and the products they are working with. Click Here for examples of our gloves.

Body Warmers 
There are a few different options regarding body warmers, you can choose between wearing it under your current high-vis jacket or wearing it on its own, our body warmers are both visible and warm during the winter.  Click Here for a sample of our body warmers.

Hessian Rolls and Hessi-Clips 
Both these products help protect your brickwork against frost and other weather conditions and together they provide a layer of protection that won't damage your work. These products are easy to use and are a quick and safe way of protecting your brickwork.  Click Here for examples of our hessian products.

Brick Jackets
Cold weather can affect everything on your building site, protecting your supplies is just as important as protecting the work you have already started; Brick Jackets are designed to protect your stacks of bricks waiting to be laid. Click Here for examples of our brick jackets.

Hot Drinks 
Another essential for the winter season is hot drinks, whether that is coffee, tea or other.  An easy way to keep workers warm and hydrated.  Click Here for examples of our hot drinks.

Water Boilers
If the hot drinks are an essential than a water boiler is as well, they are great for having a steady supply of hot water for your drinks that are easier and that lasts longer then using a kettle, a water boiler is more effective to use when supplying drinks for your staff on site. Click here for examples of our water boilers. 

To view our latest Winter Deals, please click here. These offers run until the end of February 2018.

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