BZP Studding Connectors

M6 BZP Studding Connectors

Our range of studding connectors (sometimes known as connector nuts, rod joiners, long nuts or all-thread connectors) are used when connecting lengths of studding for example when suspending services from roofs in electrical and mechanical installations.

Often when installing these a standard nut is also used each side of the connector to lock it in position for added safety. These are supplied in a BZP finish as standard and we also supply some sizes in stainless steel.

Code Description Stock Status Box Quantity Unit Price Price per Box Quantity Required Add To
N371-300 M6 BZP Studding Connectors(P) 100 £0.0823 £8.23
N371-400 M8 BZP Studding Connectors(P) 100 £0.1998 £19.98
N371-500 M10 BZP Studding Connectors(P) 100 £0.2694 £26.94
N371-600 M12 BZP Studding Connectors 50 £0.4719 £23.60
N371-700 M16 BZP Studding Connectors 25 £0.9828 £24.57
N371-800 M20 BZP Studding Connectors 10 £1.5671 £15.67