Multi-Purpose Cordless Drill Bits

4x80mm Multi-Purpose Cordless Drill Bits

  • A specialist rotary drill bit for a wide variety of materials such as:
    • masonry
    • tiles (even porcelain with water)
    • wood
    • chipboard
    • metal
    • plastics
  • Ideal for use with non–hammer action cordless drills when drilling masonry

*Note – do not use on percussion/hammer action

Heller CeramicMaster Tile & Glass Drill Bit

6.0x75mm Heller CeramicMaster Tile & Glass Drill Bit with 1/4

For rotary drilling in glass and standard ceramic materials. Will also drill porcelain and hard fired tiles. Pointed chisel edge, which can be resharpened at any time, facilitates precise starting Heller QuickBIT® products: customised for use with cordless drills Super fast changing between drills and bits ¼” hex. shank prevents the drill bit from slipping in the drill chuck Important: Use only for rotary drilling at a low speed and provide adequate cooling