FixFirm is the ideal partner for any company involved in modular building systems due to the ability to source products along with the breadth of our stock, meaning you can get your buildings on-site and completed faster

A specialist supplier having a broad range of products which have been developed for sustainable building technologies is vital for your project to keep running smoothly. Saving time and money will be easy by having a supplier that has large stocks and the ability to source items quickly.

With new technologies and methods continually evolving choose a supplier that prides themselves on evaluating their range constantly to ensure they keep pace.

As innovative and progressive modular supply partners we understand:

The drivers of your modular building success are:
• Increase output
• Maximise productivity
• Client satisfaction
• Scalable consistency

To deliver for your clients:
• Efficiency, predictability and safety
• Sustainability
• Reduced project lead times
• Less distruption to clients

Why choose FixFirm for your modular requirements?

With over 25 years’ experience of delivering solutions to many key players in the modular industry, FixFirm have a unique level of understanding into the challenges and requirements you face.

Speed - Getting your projects completed on time and as cost effectively as possible would be our mutual purpose with FixFirm continually striving to make things efficient for you. Helping you to streamline and standardise on your projects to enhance quality in your product and win ongoing projects through reputation.

Bespoke - We understand that not every client has the same needs so our solution is centred on your progress as a company. Likewise no two projects are the same so with collaboration and our flexible approach we help you win.

Easy - We’re here to make your work easier. Having a specific Account Manager assigned and Project Team to ensure you have support at every step creates a solution to take away the headaches.

Experience - Changing suppliers can seem like a risky process with the worry of a delay in production or an interruption of your internal processes not to mention also the common theme of people not liking change. Recognising these challenges and our extensive experience was born the ‘Slickstock’ 5 step Implementation method to ensure seamless deployment and peace of mind.

The modular product range is not only top line but also comes with ongoing technical support to ensure that you are using the right fastening solution for your modular building job. By getting to know our customers and build a long standing relationship, we know the importance of the right solution for you to have full trust in us to be your partner of choice for your modular building project.

How we manage your stock requirements;

By operating a flexible and reliable bespoke stock management solution will increase your efficiency and production capacity. From KANBAN, Two-Bin, JIT, VMI and Consignment Stock, find a solution that suits your needs. With flexible stock management solutions FixFirm slots simply and easily into your production process and soon be supporting your future success. Our technical ability ensures we deliver problem solving products and solutions with full site support. We realise that ensuring you have the right components in stock on site when you need them is a critical cog in your operation.

Book a initial solutions call to find out what we can do for you by emailing or use our website Live Chat feature.

By working with you step by step throughout your project, you can be assured that whether you need technical support or a site visit to go through your requirements our friendly team are here to guide you. We want to work with you to ensure the right solutions are found for your projects.

We are also available on 0800 594 44 44.



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