Proactively committed to looking after the environment

We’re committed to adhering to the latest environmental guidelines, regulations, codes of practice and Government guidance.

For instance, we’re constantly striving to keep waste to a minimum and reuse products, where possible, in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 1997.

We’re also regularly review and refining our Environmental Policy to ensure the environmental impact of any new processes and equipment are considered at all times, and that new technologies and methods of pollution and waste reduction are evaluated.

Here are some other ways we’re proactively reducing our impact on the environment:

Waste Reduction

  • Refuse skips are disposed of by a licensed contractor
  • Recycling of materials, where feasible, to minimise wastage and raw material consumption
  • Packing boxes reused whenever possible
  • Regular review and monitoring of waste volumes
  • 'E-tape' packing tape used
  • Waste wood (i.e. broken pallets) is sent for conversion into wooden pellets and used in biomass heating systems

Natural Resources Consumption Reduction

  • Engineering controls are in place to ensure gas appliances are operating in an efficient working order
  • Vehicles are maintained and operated to ensure efficiency and minimise environmental impact
  • Operation of energy-saving techniques, such as occupancy sensors for office lighting
  • Insulation levels of current premises have been upgraded to reduce energy consumption
  • A new, more efficient heating and air conditioning system throughout the offices

Promoting Awareness

  • Encouraging participation and commitment from all employees in view of improving the environmental performance of the business
  • Nominating a member of staff as our company ‘recycling champion’
  • Encouraging our customers and suppliers to adopt a similar policy of sound environmental principles
  • We use Envirowise for advice and guidance on environmental improvements

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